What Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Would Mean to Domainers

f deal goes through, it would be good news for domainers.

The on-again, off-again relationship between Yahoo and Microsoft may be on again.

When news of a potential merger between the two companies first broke early last year, I wondered what it would mean for domainers. At the time I was conflicted. But then the potential Yahoo and Google hookup scared the crap out of me, which put things in perspective. I think it’s safe to say that a Yahoo-Microsoft hookup for online advertising will be good for domain owners.

The key reasons is that it would create a solid contender against Google for search advertising. I suspect Microsoft would invest heavily to get new advertisers, and potentially merge the existing ad networks. It may also snap up a couple existing search advertising companies to grow faster. If the Obama administration will look the other way, it might even try to subsidize advertisers to get them on the network.

Anything that puts heat on Google is good. It would be great if both Microsoft and Yahoo could compete against Google themselves, but it’s clear that isn’t going to happen.

From my previous conversations with Microsoft, I get the feeling they want to make a play in the domain space. That bodes well for domain parking.

This could just be a mental exercise in futility, as the whole Yahoo-Microsoft thing has been like the cute tease at a party. But unlike a Yahoo-Google deal, MSFT-YHOO is something I can get excited about.

source DomainNameWire.com

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