Twitter veut acheter TwitterSearch

Twitter se serait mis en tête d’acheter le nom de domaine TwitterSearch car le nom est peu trop ressemblant à Twitter … et pour cause…
TwitterSearch n’est pas en service, il s’agit juste d’un nom de domaine appartenant à une personne, restée anonyme, et Twitter a déposé un URDP auprès de l’icann afin de récupérer les droits sur ce NDD.
Twitter pourra t il le récupérer ?
Mais au fait, Twitter, n’y a t il pas une autre société qui s’appelle comme ça ?

When you get big you think big and beyond the present. Everything starts appearing important and essential to your goals and with the giants on the Internet, especially in the social media arena, the idea of grabbing related domains is an everyday business.

Twitter is currently making news with its attempts to acquire a very related, The micromessaging service is expanding year on year and has introduced valuable changes making Twitter a more desirable social media destination. Twitter filed a URDP last week to obtain ownership of the same domain. It is understandable of Twitter to go after this given many a folks can confuse it with a service related to Twitter. However Robin pointed out a key point stating that Twitter is not yet a trademark, quite a surprise given the number of times they have attempted to do so.

The domain Twitter Search has been registered since 2007, though the domain is quite static and the owner has kept his identity anonymous. We will be seeing whether Twitter is able to grab this one, given how popular its own search service is.

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Source: Accessoweb