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Les noms de domaine à plus d’un million de dollars

Voici la liste des noms de domaine à vendre sur le marché de l’occasion sur avec une valeur de plus d’1 Million de dollars…

On remarque heureusement que la plupart d’entre eux n’ont pas d’enchérisseurs…

Néamoins 15 000 000 millions pour c’est une belle somme !

Que penser de à 3,7 Millions, à 2,5 Millions…


NOMINET – Release of reserved short domain names update

Release of reserved short domain names update

Following a series of policy recommendations and a full public consultation held earlier this year we are changing the rules for registration of domain names to allow the release of 1 character, 2 letter and other previously reserved domains. Notice of the rule change is given with full details on our web site at:


We are also outlining the release process for these domain names. In order to respect prior rights and to ensure an orderly and fair release we will hold a two stage sunrise and landrush process. You can read more about this


We aim to start the first stage before the end of 2010 and will publish full details of the release process on 1 November 2010.

A full list of the domain names that are being released is available at:

Interested parties will be able to apply for domain names via Nominet registrars. Registrars can read details of how to process these applications and how to ensure that they are included in a list of registrars able to process reserved short domain name applications here:


We are also seeking expressions of interest from parties potentially acting as rights verification or auction partners. If you are interested in either of these roles, please respond to by 30 September 2010.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please email

$350 Million Acquisition – and NetQuote

Bankrate, Inc. announced on June 24 they will acquire and NetQuote for a combined $350 million. This is a monster deal (and not a domain sale for you blokes who think every company sold with a .com is a domain sale).

According to compete these 2 sites have over 2,000,000 unique visitors a month in the lucrative financial and insurance industries.

The breakdown was:

$205 million for NetQuote

$145 million for

So – you still want to park your domains?

There is lots of money around if you build. Maybe not $350 million but surely a few if you do it right. This news is a month old – from June 24th – and I totally missed this being reported anywhere. Congrats!

Personally I think is worth a lot more than $145 million

Source: NewFoundNames