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Google looses in case

A Spanish man registered and used it for a web page where a search feature was available. The page had a disclaimer This website does not have affiliation or relation with Google Inc. all the results are property of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain Vew CA 94043, the USA).

One do not need be used to domain name lawsuits to know what would happen next.

But actually Google lost its ADR case! It will be interesting to follow up this case.

Registering Domain Names that contain Trademarks

When someone registers a domain name that includes the name of a major trademark, it is advisable to use extreme caution if you want to prevent being involved in expensive lawsuits.

Recently, a small car repair shop in Germany found itself in the midst of a legal battle against French car giant Peugeot. To promote their car repair and tuning facility, they had decided to register the domain name Needless to say that the German branch of the French car manufacturer Peugeot didn’t waste much time suing. The court battle turned out to be very interesting.

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CNNIC Maintenance

We have been informed by the .CN Registry (CNNIC) that they will be performing maintenance on Sunday, April 29, 2007 from 13:00 – 17:00 UTC (09:00 to13:00 EDT). During this maintenance the .CN Registry Gateway will be unavailable.

In addition, please note that CNNIC has informed us that they will be performing maintenance at this time every last Sunday of the month.

Letter/offer from Internet-Bedrijvengids

After DAD (see Newsflash from 05/04/2007), many persons have been contacted by another company, Internet-Bedrijvengids bvba (Boulevard de France 9, 1420 Braine l.Alleud), inviting them to subscribe in a kind of online company guide. Yearly a fee of 879 EUR should be paid for the registration.

DNS BE insists on the fact that this company has no link whatsoever with DNS BE and is not an accredited registrar of DNS BE.

Should you have questions about your website or your domain name, we advise you to contact your official DNS BE registrar.

Source : DnsBE

Evil and its profiteers following the Virginia Tech shooting

« To show some people have no remorse or morals, a number of mindnumbingly awful people have registered domain names relating to the recent shootings in Virginia, just like was done following other disasters around the world in recent times such as the tsunmai and hurricanes. For example, a resident of Virginia has registered,,, and (the name of the suspected killer). The first three domains are available for $250K and the last one for $1 million. A number of domains are available on eBay, while other domain names have been registered to look like they’re charities attempting to raise money to assist the victims. »

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