.mobi Premium Name Auction on September 26

dotMobi is making hundreds of premium domains available through a series of three online auctions.

Some of these names may be of particular interest since they are focused on the domain business and will give you a competitive edge in your domain selling.

The first of these three auctions commences on 26 September 2007, coinciding with the anniversary of dotMobi’s public launch. The auction will begin at 12 p.m. U.S. Eastern and will last for seven days.

Names in the first auctions that will interest you include:

  • domain.mobi
  • domainname.mobi
  • domainnames.mobi
  • domainregistration.mobi
  • hosting.mobi
  • antispam.mobi
  • ask.mobi
  • chat.mobi
  • chatrooms.mobi
  • chats.mobi
  • desktop.mobi
  • donwload.mobi
  • download.mobi
  • downloads.mobi
  • e-mail.mobi
  • forum.mobi
  • freedownload.mobi
  • freedownloads.mobi
  • freesoftware.mobi
  • message.mobi
  • mp3downloads.mobi
  • searchengine.mobi
  • traffic.mobi
  • webcam.mobi
  • webdesign.mobi

For further auction information, including the full list of names, terms and conditions and a direct link to the auction platform, please click here.

Source dotMobi

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