ICANN Gains $4.3M on Investments, War Chest Tops $60 Million

ICANN’s war chest continues to grow.

ICANN released details of its FY 2010 financial year (which ran through June 2010) today.

The non-profit had revenues of $65.8 million and expenses of $58.6 million. Revenues were up 9.2% from FY 2009 and expenses grew 14.3%. The revenue source is fairly evenly split between registrar and registry fees, although the registry fees are ultimately passed on from the registrant through both the registrar and registry.

ICANN also pulled in $4.3 million from investing its cash reserve. This compares to a loss of $2.1 million in FY 2009.

Major expenses were Personnel ($25.0 million, currently 137 employees), Professional Services ($14.6 million), and Travel/Meetings ($10.6 million).

Add it all up and ICANN added $11.4 million to its asset base in the 12 month period ending June. ICANN now has assets of $83.0 million. $17.2 million is in cash and $45.7 million in investments.

ICANN could conceivably pull in an extra $100 million in revenue next year from new TLD applications alone.

Source: Domain Name Wire

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