ccTLD SRS Upgrade

The ccTLD SRS scheduled System Upgrade for 24 March 2007 between 15:00 – 19:00 UTC has started as of 15:00 UTC.

During the system upgrade you may expect the following:

SRS: Not Available
Web-based Admin Interface: Not Available
DNS: Available; names will continue to resolve normally.
WHOIS: Not Available
OT&E: Available

Afilias will deploy the following enhancements in the ccTLD Production SRS during the system upgrade:

1. Low balance threshold notification will now include registrar’s current account balance 2. The following report « rpt_xxx_daily_billable_transactions » will have extra column « Amount » displaying amount charged per transaction.
3. The following new country codes (as per ISO 3166) will be added to EPP and Web [GG- GUERNSEY, IM – ISLE OF MAN, JE – JERSEY, ME – MONTENEGRO, RS – SERBIA].
4. The following country codes [CS – SERBIA and MONTENEGRO, TP – EAST TIMOR] will be deprecated (as per ISO 3166). The existing contacts using these countries will have no effect and contact update will be possible.
However registrars will no longer be able to create a new contact or update an existing contact using the aforementioned deprecated country codes via Web or EPP.

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