Typo Shuts Down Entire Swedish Domain Space

Monday night the ccTLD .SE disappeared from the Internet – none of the Swedish Domain Names were reachable for a period of 20 minutes as of 10pm local time.According to people located in Sweden and several local publications any domain name under the .SE TLD did not resolve properly. Some of the articles say that the domain name was appended to itself and some of them say that an additional .se was appended, which could point to a wrongly placed “.” or additional “.se” in the registry’s zonefiles during a planned maintenance window. According to president Danny Aerts, the registry operator, the Internet Infrastructure Foundation, is investigating the cause of the issue which may have lasted longer for some users due to DNS information being cached. The .SE zone contains close to 905,000 domains.

[Updated] Find the original notification of the registry to its registrars after the jump.

To all .SE registrars

In connection with a planned maintenance work on Monday 12th of October .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) sent out a corrupt zone file at 21.45 PM. The cause was an incorrect software update, which, despite of our testing procedures it was not detected. Thanks to well-functioning surveillance system .SE discovered the error immediately and a new file with the DNS data (zone file) was produced and distributed within one hour.

The corrupt information that was sent out affected all .SE domains for a short time. There may still be some name servers that hasn’t changed the corrupt information against the real.

Resolvers that use the dominant name server software BIND must be reset by resetting it or run a “rndc flush” to get the correct information. Equal commands are available for other similar name server software’s.
There is now an internal investigation going on to find out the cause of the faulty software update so that we can improve our procedures further.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Maria Ekelund – Information Manager
Danny Aerts – CEO

author: Frank Michlick
source DomainNameNews.com

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