Despicable Me Movie Uses .Me Domain Name

Domain Name Wire reader Chris Robbins took his kids to the movies over the weekend and saw a preview for the computer animated movie “Despicable Me”. The movie features the voice of Steve Carell and hits movie theaters next summer.

But what caught Robbins’ eye wasn’t the movie itself, it was the domain name Universal Studios is using to promote it: This is certainly a boost for the branded country code domain name of Montenegro.

I’ve categorized this article as “We Get It”. Normally I wouldn’t say someone that uses a branded country code domain name for promotion gets it, but this case is special. Why? Universal Studios also registered, which forwards to

This could be an interesting case study for .com domains. I wonder how much of the direct navigation traffic to the web site comes from .com vs. .me.

I also have to wonder if the .me registry suggested this idea to Universal Studios as a marketing gimmick.

author : Andrew Allemann

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