Domain Name Investment Pays according to John Motson’s new Book

Brisbane, Australia (PRWEB) – With an ever increasing number of people seeking new opportunities to make money online, the Domaining Manifesto by Australian John Motson uncovers a lucrative money making avenue to everyday web users. Motson has 7 years of domain name investment experience and is a recognized leader in domain name investment circles.

What people don’t realize, or more importantly, what domaining professionals do not want to be known is that it is literally an even playing field out there. Everyone can make money with domain names
According to Wikipedia, ‘Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names’. Domain name investment and domain names in general have always been a myth to many web users.

A lot of people tend to have the wrong idea when it comes to domaining and domainers. We are depicted as villains, lurking in the shadows trying to snatch at domain names as they expire, says Motson. Nothing could be further from the truth. Domain names are controlled and monitored by the governing body ICANN – a world recognized organization with rules and regulations that protect domain names and their owners. Domains by definition are leased for a period of up to 10 years maximum. If a domain name expires, all web users have the right to purchase it, unless there is a trademark registered against that name. What domainers do is simply utilize the opportunities enabled by this governing body to the extent of the law. If you own a couple of domain names, you are a domainer too.

Domain names are recognized as some of the most marketable and valuable commodities on the web today and as such offer a great opportunity to investors. Prices of valuable domain names have soared with numerous sales recorded at up to and above 7 figure amounts on a regular basis.

What people don’t realize, or more importantly, what domaining professionals do not want to be known is that it is literally an even playing field out there. Everyone can make money with domain names, reveals Motson. While writing the Domaining Manifesto, I did a lot of soul searching. I was not sure whether I should be releasing so much insider information, but I did it. Investment opportunities are everywhere around you. You just have to have the right tools and know where to look. This book will help anyone make money with domain names.

Motson’s book has been acclaimed as a revolutionary guide to managing and making money with domain names. Veteran domain name professionals and domain name authority figures Ron James ( owner of, the most popular domain name forum online ) and Sahar Sarid ( millionaire domainer and owner of ) both described the Domaining Manifesto as a great guide to making money with domain names. Numerous other readers regard the book as one of the best practical web resources they have read in a long time.

John’s powerful guide to managing and making money with domain names teaches its readers to:

* find the right venues for domain transactions
* utilize secret expired domain sources and find domain name gems
* find new domain name investment opportunities
* find available domain names at reasonable prices
* avoid trademark issues and protect intellectual property rights.
* detect banned domain names
* securely negotiate domain name transactions
* avoid fake domain rank & traffic
* approach domain owners without hiking up the domain price
* get the upper hand in any domain name negotiation
* stay one step ahead of the other party at all stages of a negotiation
* and much more

The Domaining Manifesto is a must-have guide for anyone wanting to get started in domaining. It takes you, step-by-step, through everything you need to know to start making money, says Simon Johnson, owner and publisher of Domainer Income.

John Motson is a professional domain name investor and author of domaining industry recognized blog He has been investing in domain names since 2000 and currently owns more then 1000 domain names. He has successfully bought and sold over a thousand domain names and made a sizable profit on each transaction.

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Source: PR Web Press Release – January 8th, 2008

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