.MOBI registry host update change

The .MOBI registry system is scheduled for maintenance on 27 November 2007 between 15:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC. After the maintenance, new host update capability will be available in the .MOBI registry. The current implementation allows registrars to rename a host. However, that renaming is not accompanied by a corresponding mass update to the zone file.

Effective after the maintenance, the registry will perform mass updates automatically. After renaming a host, a registrar will no longer have to perform a domain update on every domain associated to the changed host.

During the maintenance, you may expect the following:
SRS: Available
Web-Based Administrative Interface: Available
DNS: Available; names will continue to resolve normally. There may be a slight delay in the publication of DNS changes during the maintenance.
Whois: Available
OT&E: Available

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