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Deploiement Noms de domaine .ORG Cyrillic IDN le 19 Fevrier 2011 de 15:00 à 19:00 UTC

Please be advised that on 19 February 2011 between 15:00 and 19:00 UTC, the .ORG Production System is scheduled for downtime to allow for the deployment of Cyrillic Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

Registrations of the Cyrillic IDNs on 19 February 2011 will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at 19:00 UTC. During this scheduled downtime, the .ORG Production System including the Web Based Admin Tool and WHOIS will be unavailable. Domains will continue to resolve as normal during this period.

Cyrillic IDNs (not including Spanish, German, Danish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Korean (Hangul), Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish and

Chinese) registered between 19:00 UTC, 19 February 2011 and 19:00 UTC,

21 March 2011 (during the first 30 days of operation) will be placed on Server Delete Prohibited, Server Transfer Prohibited, Server Update Prohibited, Server Renew Prohibited, and Server Hold. These statuses will remain in effect until 20 April 2011 to allow intellectual property interests to file UDRP actions if warranted.

All Valid Legacy IDNs that qualify PIR’s .ORG Cyrillic IDN policies will continue to be unlocked to allow for registrar updates (including Language Tags). Beginning on 19 February 2011, during the registrar’s assignment of the Cyrillic Language Tag, the .ORG system will verify that the Legacy IDN Punycode string meets the corresponding policy profile of the Cyrillic Language Tag in the .ORG system. If this requirement is not met, the Language Tag assignment will fail. Upon valid Language Tag updates, the following statuses will automatically be removed from the domain – Server Hold, Server Renew Prohibited and Server Transfer Prohibited. The domain will then be added to the .ORG Zone File to enable DNS resolution (assuming it meets all other requirements for inclusion in the zone file e.g. minimum NS).

Legacy Internationalized domain names that are updated with a Language Tag must be updated with « thick » contact data, or risk possible deletion of the domain by the Registry.

Please note that all expired Legacy IDNs will auto-renew following successful updating of the Language Tag. If a registrar chooses to delete the domain, they must do so within the 45 day auto-renew grace period or prior to updating the Language Tag. Registrars are encouraged to ensure that adequate funds are available to support these auto-renewals.

During the downtime for the deployment of the Cyrillic IDN, all .ORG Legacy IDNs that have an expiration date prior to 19 February 2011, will have the expiry date reset to 19 February 2011. PIR is resetting the expiry dates of all .ORG Legacy IDNs so as to fulfill our earlier commitment to you of not charging for maintaining Legacy .ORG IDNs.

An optional OT&E environment is available as of 20 January 2011. The FAQs and Registrar Manual detailing the .ORG Cyrillic IDN have been provided to the registrars on 21 December 2010 and will also be available via Registrar Relations Area shortly.

Should you have any questions, please contact PIR Technical Support.

Bulgaria Decides to Register Cyrillic Domain ‘.бг’ (‘.bg’)

Bulgaria’s official Cyrillic domain name suffix is to be « .бг » (BG). An application for registration has been submitted to the world body that regulates domain names.

Parvan Rusinov, Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTITC) has announced on Thursday that the application had been sent on February 19 to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Rusinov said that he expected to receive a response some time in March.

The Deputy Minister commented that, as part of the submitted documention, a report by the Bulgarian Council on Standardization of Geographical Names supported the adoption of « .бг », as the characters are directly associated with the name of the country and with national identity.

« MTITC will act energetically to fit in applying for an accelerated procedure for the internet name in the native alphabet. We hope to be the first with an officially recognized domain in Cyrillic, » said the Deputy Minister.

« We recognize the cultural peculiarities and the benefits for those who communicate primarily in Cyrillic, » he added.

« This might encourage more Bulgarians to become active participants in the Internet and e-governance. In an expression of our desire to identify Bulgaria as a country-oriented towards information technologies, we are strictly complying with the requested action plan, » he commented.

Rusinov explained that this was the first step in adopting the Cyrillic domain name.

« Once we receive a response from ICANN, we should then indicate the organization that will administer the register of the names in that domain, » he explained.

MTITC has now published details of the selection procedure on its website. The administrator will be evaluated in five groups of criteria – administrative capacity; organizational training; technical training; financial stability; and assessment of development.

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee composed of officials from MTITC as well as independent experts who are able to declare a lack of conflict of interests. The administrator may be selected by May, according to the Ministry.

During his presentation, Parvan Rusinov said that MTITC would continue with its policy of social discussion and participation in the process of taking important decisions.

This was a reference to the poll carried out in December 2009 by MTITC, asking the public to submit their favored Cyrillic character combination. In January, the published results showed that one third of all responses supported the adoption of « бг ».