$350 Million Acquisition – CreditCards.com and NetQuote

Bankrate, Inc. announced on June 24 they will acquire CreditCards.com and NetQuote for a combined $350 million. This is a monster deal (and not a domain sale for you blokes who think every company sold with a .com is a domain sale).

According to compete these 2 sites have over 2,000,000 unique visitors a month in the lucrative financial and insurance industries.

The breakdown was:

$205 million for NetQuote

$145 million for CreditCards.com

So – you still want to park your domains?

There is lots of money around if you build. Maybe not $350 million but surely a few if you do it right. This news is a month old – from June 24th – and I totally missed this being reported anywhere. Congrats!

Personally I think creditcards.com is worth a lot more than $145 million

Source: NewFoundNames

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