ICANN and the CZ.NIC Association Announce the Installation of the L Root Server in Prague, Czech Republic

ICANN and the CZ.NIC Association today announced the installation of the L Root Server in Prague, Czech Republic. The L Root Server is one of the thirteen Root Name Servers which underpins the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS).

The installation in Prague expands L’s footprint into Europe, in combination with installations in Miami and Los Angeles.

« By providing a mirror for the L Root Server we attempt to support the Internet infrastructure not only in our country, » said Ondrej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC Association. « The L Root Server in Prague serves the entire Internet, globally. »

The DNS is involved in almost every service provided over the Internet, and as such its security and stability is very important. The performance and reliability of web sites, social media, e-mail and instant messaging all depend on the DNS, as do business-to-business communications which increasingly tie together the global economy.

Joe Abley, Director of DNS Operations at ICANN, stated that « ICANN is pleased to be able to work with CZ.NIC to provide local access to the L Root Server in Prague. This new installation will contribute to security and stability of the Root Server system globally, and especially in the European region. »

Source Icann.org

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