The Number One SEO Secret

The number one way to get search engine traffic to your web site.

Want to know a search engine optimization technique guaranteed to get “loads of traffic” to your web site? How to get “laser-targeted” visitors? I’m “going to spill the beans”.

It’s not the SEO secret Google doesn’t want you to know about. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts has even publicly discussed this fantastic, white-hat technique to get better search rankings. You just missed it.

I’m about to disclose this secret, and I’m not going to charge you $97 $47 for an eBook (but my advice also doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee and I’m not going to show you a screenshot of my Clickbank account).

Ready. Here it is:

Create compelling content.

That’s right, folks. You didn’t hear it here first. Google has been telling you this for years, but if fell on deaf ears.

Here’s how this incredible system works. You create a web site, make it usable and valuable to web visitors, and build it up over time. You don’t farm out article writing to someone in India. You don’t copy articles from article directories. You don’t splog. You don’t stuff your meta tags. You actually create your web site with your visitor in mind.

Then a funny thing happens. People start linking to you naturally. It’s not like you can ask Microsoft, TechMeme, and TechCrunch to link to you. But if you create compelling content, they will.

There’s really only one drawback to this not-so-secret SEO trick: it takes time. You actually have to care about what you’re doing. But unlike other “tricks”, you won’t find that Google one day decides to drop you from its index.


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