How can we earn money from Developing our domain names with Advertising?

If you’re really serious about domaining, the trend right now is to develop and make more money than just buying and selling domain names. So How can we earn money from developing our domain names? There are 3 ways of advertising routes that we could go and earn money from…

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

PPC is probably the most common and popular way of earning thru advertising. Usually it is very easy to apply and is given to you in a few days time. How it works is when people click the advertisement, I get paid a certain amount which is shared between the network and the publisher. Popular ones are Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher, Bidvertiser, etc. and are open to everyone to apply. Some clicks costs amounts from a few cents to a few dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a more result oriented approach to online advertising, instead of counting clicks, publishers (us, website owners) are paid if a sale or lead is generated. For example, if the user just clicks the advertisement (you don’t get paid) but if the person clicks the advertisement and buys or signs up to something then you get paid.  Popular websites, such as Commission Junction, is one of the most popular Affiliate marketing website around.

Direct Advertising

This is the best especially for Geo Domain Names, which are so specific locally that it gets good traffic. You could then get related advertisers of you topic and ask them to advertise on your website as you have X amount of traffic etc. This is one of the biggest money earner and more easier to close than the two. It is not impression based nor is it by PPC, it is simply placing a slot for them in you website, it’s fixed and you don’t lose anything even if nobody clicks or buys the advertisers products. Since it’s also local, companies are willing to advertise more and feel that it’s cheaper than traditional advertisement.


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