Nominet in Spat Over

UK registry operator sends demand letter, then files UDRP.

NominetUK registry operator Nominet, which oversees the .uk country code, has filed for arbitration to get the domain name

Nominet began communicating with the domain’s owner last year, and in April sent a demand letter requesting the domain be turned over. The demand letter can be viewed at

The owner was defiant, writing on his web site:

…This site and the domain name has NOTHING to do with the British domain name company called Nominet.


So why is this British company hasslin’ me and my host?

Simple – because they can!

Hell, the dudes didn’t even offer to buy it off me, they just storm in with the jackboots and suits, it sure isn’t my fault that they were too dumb to register it for themselves, they had plenty opportunity to do, if it was gonna be this important to them. I registered it way after .name was introduced. I don’t have any intention of sellin it or using it for anything other than in connection with my family name and for email. Any web site is there because it’s there and it’s NOTHING to do with NOMINET IN THE UK, right ?

Nominet filed a case with National Arbitration Forum a few days ago to try to get the domain name through arbitration. Last year the company won the domain name through arbitration at World Intellectual Property Organization.


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