Short domain name or keyword domain name?

If you wonder which type of domain names are best for you and for your business we will give you some advices. Whether you choose a keyword domain name or a short domain name,you should know the pros and cons.
If you choose a keyword domain name one of its pros is the strong SEO benefit.There are of course many others,such as,the potential for type in traffic and high likelihood of being seen as a trusted « authority » on targeted keyword.As a con,you should really know that is hard to brand when developing because a keyword domain is by default a generic term.
The other type,short domain names are very easy to remember,great for branding and of course great for offline marketing.On the other hand an unnatural short domain can be hard to remember.
Considering this,it’s up to you which of these two types of domain names you choose for you and your business.


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