Toys ‘R’ Us, Frank Schilling Among Bidders to Pay $1.35M or More for

6 companies to bid in Friday’s auction.

In a review of qualified bid documents, Domain Name Wire has discovered some familiar faces in Friday’s auction of Frank Schilling, National A-1 Advertising, and Toys ‘R’ Us to name a few. It’s clear that the press coverage of the original auction brought more bidders out of the woodwork.

Most of the bidders submitted an initial bid of $1.35M, as I predicted. But it’s clear the auction will go much higher than that. Bidders include:

Toys ‘R’ Us via Eagle, LLC
National A-1
Schilling Aviation Corp (Frank Schilling)
Socha APA David William Socha
Faculty Lounge Partners

Faculty Lounge Partners won the initial auction and will be the “stalking horse” bidder in this auction.

It’s interesting to see Frank Schilling bid through a company other than Name Administration Corp. Perhaps its the size of this deal that requires a separate corporate entity.

Also, some bidders made massive deposits or escrow payments, despite only a 10% deposit required. National A-1 Advertising plunked down $1.5M, Socha deposited $0.5M.


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