Mysteries to Internet Riches through Domain Name Investing Unraveled in Xlibris Book

As shadowy and as inexplicable as the domain name industry may be, it is remarkable how common people have been earning millions of dollars from the technical undertaking of domain name investing.

Armed with an investigative journalism experience as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal, David Kesmodel dares to delve deeper into the phenomenon that is domain investing and sums up his findings in the Xlibris release, The Domain Game.

The Domain Game is a narrative on the progression of the domain name industry, the true to life dealings of some of the most successful domain investors, and the secrets to taking advantage of the opportunities that are present in the domain industry. This self-published book provides facts and historical data on the domain name industry and incorporates these in a structured accounting of the domain world.

Kesmodel offers his insights and assessment of the industry to guide those who are willing to take a chance in the high-risk game of domain investing. In addition, the author brings to light major domain contenders and domain industry resources.

Stories as diverse as that of an Oklahoma watermelon farmer becoming the owner of some of the world’s most priceless Web addresses, and that of a Canadian high school graduate-turned-multimillionaire – who bought domain names that expired during the dot-com crash in the late 1990s – are dissected in this book.

The role of the rapid growth of key search engines like Google and Yahoo in escalating the wealth of domain investors is also rationalized in The Domain Game, as well as the subsequent move of opportunity-seeking individuals to jump in the bandwagon of domain investing after learning the potential of earning millions of dollars in this endeavor.

Undeniably, The Domain Game is an eye-opening must-read for discerning Internet junkies seeking to venture into this high stakes game and looking to gain riches by becoming a domain name investor.


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