.tr : about registration applications from abroad.

We would like to inform all our users that based on the decision DNS Working Group determined at their latest meeting took place on December 13th, 2007 the policies and rules in regards to foreign applications are changed.

In accordance with the modifications, « .tr » registration applications which are made based on the foreign originated documents by individuals or legal entities established abroad, applicants are requested to prove that the phrase/name/letter string chosen as the domain name is either used in Turkey by the rightful owner (or the authorized company/individual) or they are in business venture to do so.

In other words, applicants must prove a business activity in Turkey (at least they are in business venture to do so) or have business relationship with a company which is present in Turkey (distribution agreement etc.). Otherwise, from the above mentioned date onwards it is not possible for a foreign individual or company to register .tr domain name.

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