Default webpage on Nokia business phones is a .mobi

Nokia, the world biggest phone manufactorer, has launched a .mobi site The great thing about this mobisite is that it is the default page of all new E-series phones! A friend of mine bought an E61, and this .mobi site was (and still is) the default page when he opened the web browser.

The Nokia for Business mobisite is optimized for mobile browser viewing and provides site visitors with information on the latest business phones and accessories, as well as business-related news and events.

Nokia for Business mobile features:

* Device and region specific for Nokia Eseries phones, but can also be viewed on any mobile phone browser
* Optimized for mobile browser viewing (note: PC browser is not optimal)
* Phone accessories made especially for your phone model
* Product Highlights showcase range of phones tailored for business
* Business Catalog features information on mobileware, such as email and file synchronization and provides a wide range of software options to customize your device
* Link library provides access to other sites, such as Business Week, Financial Times and CNET and to industry-related news and events

Visit – Business in the palm of your hand

Source DotMobiz

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