Domainers Choice Awards – your chance to vote

For the first time, YOU, the professional domain community, have the opportunity to choose! From nominations phase to the final voting – tell us who you think is most deserving of the Domainers Choice Awards! Nominee lists have not been pre-populated, they are being added as you, the voters, write in your choice. If you don’t see the choice you want, write it in and it will be added to the list. Top three choices in each category will be in the final round of voting starting on December 16th, 2007.

So if you are excited about the above opportunity from the Domainers Choice Awards, you’d better hot foot it to and do your democratic duty and vote!

There are a number of categories, these being Domain Ambassador Award, Best Industry Spokesperson, Industry Achievement Award, Industry Trade Association, Industry Customer Service Rep, Parking Company Award, Best Domain Auctions, Best Domain Marketplace, Best Hosting Company, Best Domainers Blog, Best Domain Publication, Best Registrar Award, Domainers Rising Star, Best Domainer Tools, Best Domain Financial Services.

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