.berlin – The Berliners’ identity in the Internet

Space has become very scarce in some Internet address ranges. There are now almost 11 million domains under the top-level domain .de which doesn’t leave much space for sensible names. At the same time a large part of the traffic on the World Wide Web is local. This is why we want to introduce .berlin as a new top-level domain, extending the Internet namespace by a clear, local focus point. With the new namespace .berlin we’ll create a regional identity for the Berlin community.

The initiative for the top-level domain .berlin is supported by a multitude of companies, organisations, associations and individuals and has won global recognition as a trailblazer for top-level domains for urban communities. The .berlin top-level domain will make people from all over the world more familiar with the places called Berlin, their people, culture, economy, power to innovate and internationalism. The Berlin community consists of Berliners in the German capital city, but also of Berliners spread around the world and of people who identify with Berlin or live in places called Berlin.

.berlin belongs to the Berlin Community – become also a part of .berlin like:
10 ICANN accreditied registrars like STRATO AG or Key-Systems GmbH, BFB Branchen-Fernsprechbuch GmbH (Yellow Pages), BTM Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH, BTM-Partnerhotel e.V., Berlin Guild Association, City Association, Association of Berlin Tradesmen, Berlin Plaza Hotel, Lotto Berlin and more.

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