A new ‘initiative’ carried out by « Registro Italiano in Internet per le imprese (Italian Registry in Internet for businesses) »

The ccTLD .it Registry has received numerous reports regarding a group that is posing as a « Registro Italiano in Internet per le imprese (Italian Registry in Internet for businesses) ».
This group is sending letters to assignors of Italian domains asking the recipient to « verify the correctness » of some data relating to the domain name itself.
In reality the letters are proposals for contracts for payment via subscription to a service. We would like to formally announce that the ccTLD .it Registry is in no way a party to these
letters/services, which are in fact being promoted by DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GMBH. The ccTLD .it Registry has already informed Maintainers of what has happened and has recommended that they themselves inform as many people as they see fit.
The ccTLD .it Registry has already twice informed the Italian Competition Authorities about DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GMBH regarding misleading messages. The Authorities then issued fines against DAD Deutscher Adressdienst. The provisions of the Authorities
are available at < http://www.agcm.it/ under the section on misleading advertising. The ccTLD .it Registry will report the new episodes to the Italian Competition Authorities.

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